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The Awbrey family including Jim and his wife Christa and their three children, Lauren 19, Abigail 17, and Ethan 15 all come together to make A+Showpigs the operation it has become.

After Jim was paralyzed while on duty, he ended his career as a police officer and went back home for retirement. Then he and Christa began focusing their time on farming and raising swine.

Christa and Jim have been married 23 years. Their children have been in 4-H the majority of their lives, and the family is now actively involved in the swine industry. Today the family raises showpigs.

The farm name is derived from the idea that their last name; Awbrey, plus the family create the success of the farm, hence the A+. The family values one another and their relationship with God.

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Reference Sires

Monument Circle
Monumental x Warfare x Bullet Proof
Stress Negative

Bred by Ottenwalter, IN
.87 BF 9.1 LEA
Hamp Stamp - Hampshire
Point Taken x Long Time Coming

Bred by Heimer Hampshires
Reg Number: 482378002
Ear Notch: 115-2


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Big Mama
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10500 North Henley Rd
Marshall, IN 47859


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